4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home this Winter

Have you been playing with the idea of buying a home recently? Are you tired of renting – paying someone else’s mortgage and having to deal with sharing a wall with noisy neighbors? It’s time to buy! Here are 4 reasons why you should get off the fence and buy a home this winter:

  1. Housing prices will start to increase after the winter months. The demand for homes is steadily increasing – you should look into buying a home while homes are ideally priced.
  2. Mortgage rates are low – for now. Don’t miss out on the insanely low mortgage rates you’re able to get right now. We partner with Paul Vincent at Cornerstone Home Lending to help our new home-buyers get the best rate possible on their mortgage!
  3. No matter where you live, you’re paying a mortgage. If you rent, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage for them. Why do that when you could buy your own home and start building personal wealth?
  4. You want a safe place to grow a family, more control over renovations, and a bigger backyard for kids and pets. It’s time to start looking to the next chapter of your life, start growing wealth, and begin to build a future for you and your family!

Sullivan Brothers Builders has several communities in the Houston area. Whether you’re looking for an island home, a southern home outside of the city, or a modern home in the city – we’ve got what you’re looking for! Visit us at www.sbbtexas.com to view our available homes and begin the next chapter of your life!