About Us

Meet The Sullivan Brothers

At Sullivan Brothers Builders, we take pride in delivering every home with thoughtful and innovative design aesthetics, authentic architectural details and unparalleled hand-crafted workmanship.

From Southern Coastal homes designed for front porch living to Craftsman Cottages and City Homes with nods to the styles of New York, Chicago and London, our homes deliver a classic, traditional style with today’s modern conveniences to delight even the most discerning homeowner.

As a builder, we want to focus on building the highest level of home, with the lifestyle-centric features our homeowners appreciate. As residents in the communities in which we build, we also want to leave a lasting footprint of well-thought designs that complement the spaces around them.

Whether it’s replacing commercial warehousing with era-appropriate homes in some of Houston’s finest historic neighborhoods, or creating new spaces from raw land for families to grow and thrive in the developing communities of Evia on Galveston Island and Harper Woods in Springwoods Village, each of us here at Sullivan Brothers Builders places our primary focus on spaces our homeowners – and the neighbors who surround them – can appreciate and feel proud in calling home.