Let Us Build on Your Lot!

We love building beautiful custom homes on empty lots. If you have the lot, we have the tools to help you build the home of your dreams from initial design, to site prep, to completion. At Sullivan Brothers Builders, we love sitting down with a client and designing a home based on their vision and needs.

Exactly what factors are to be considered when building on your lot?

  • Determining building restrictions – This would include neighborhood restrictions such as HOA terms.
  • Building materials needed – Based on your home customization
  • Land preparation – This process includes leveling the land where the foundation will be poured, ensuring proper drainage on the property, and removal of any trees that are in the way of construction.
  • Utility hookup – This includes everything: gas, electric, water, internet, cable.
  • Water flow – We will need to assess how water interacts with your property, i.e. slopes, pooling water.
  • Ground conditions – This is very important. We will need to figure out what’s going on below the surface level of the ground to ensure there will not be any problems with the home’s foundation later on.
  • Completely personalized house plan
    • Will you want an outdoor retreat?
    • Will you need a home office or art space?
    • Will you want a master suite or maybe two?
    • What kind of home customization do you looks for? Built-ins, french doors, exposed brick, etc?

While the above is a short list of some of the things you might expect from building on your lot, these are all components in the building process we will be able to walk you through. Your journey to building the perfect home on your patch of paradise is our priority. We are known for our commitment to our clients and unsurpassed construction excellence. We combine timeless style with effortless function to envelop the lifestyles of our homeowners and have been building thoughtfully designed and detailed homes throughout Greater Houston and Galveston since 1999.

Our Build on Your Lot Program is available throughout metro Houston, Galveston and Spring including the Houston and Woodland Heights, Garden Oaks, Independence Heights, the Memorial and Washington corridors, midtown, Montrose, Tanglewood, River Oaks, Afton Oaks, Galleria, Bellaire, West University Place, South Hampton, Braes Heights, South Side Place and Meyerland.

To learn more or meet with the team, contact us here. Let us take your lot from dirt to dream home!