Renting vs. Buying

To rent or to buy – that is the question. We would argue that the benefits to buying a home are vast compared to renting. Here’s just a few reasons buying a home is a GREAT move:

  1. If you build a home, it is FULLY customizable. Our combined Design/Build team will help you build your dream home to the tiniest specification!
  2. Every payment you make on a mortgage is getting you one step closer to OWNING your home – every month you pay RENT, that is spent money. You get nothing but a roof over your head in return.
  3. When you own a home, it is likely that your home will increase in value over time depending on the market and the area you live in. Sullivan Brothers Builders communities are all ideally located in quickly developing areas, almost guaranteeing an increase in home value in later years.
  4. TAX ADVANTAGES! There are several costs that come with a home – several of which are tax deductible. Being able to count your mortgage interest on your taxes helps when you file a tax return!
  5. If you buy an already built home, you’re able to renovate and make changes as you please. When you rent a home, there are often many restrictions on the kind of changes you can make to the home and property depending on your landlord – and why would you want to put your own money into fixing up a home you don’t own anyway?
  6. Last but not least, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with owning a home. You don’t have to worry about sharing a wall with noisy neighbors, you can make updates to your home as you please, and you literally OWN an entire house and piece of property. What could be better?

There you have it! Buying a home is a huge step in the right direction – be sure that you’re fully ready to take the plunge and that the home you are buying is well built. All Sullivan Brothers Builders homes are built with care and with high quality materials – you and your family will be safe, sound, and HAPPY in one of our homes. Contact us today about our available homes.